The Road to Lichdom Announcement

Hello my little angels!

I want to take a moment to officially announce my first novel now that it is fully planned and it has an expected finish by date. I am aiming to get the actual final draft of the novel finished by the end of February 2018.

So, what is The Road to Lichdom?

The Road to Lichdom is a dark fantasy romance novel and not just another happily-ever-after romance novel. To me it is a passion project that seeks to break the mould of the traditional fantasy romance novels out there. This novel goes to dark places. My fantasy writing is inspired by “The Witcher” series and a little bit of “A Song of Ice and Fire” the former inspired me with making a darker and grittier setting for my fantasy universe. While the latter inspired me with its style of storytelling where the actions of characters always have far reaching consequences.

Emerald Night had always been different growing up, born in a small farming town to a single peasant mother she always dreamed of one day becoming a mage. Pursuing her dream at the tender age of sixteen she travels to the city of Canterbury to claim what she considers to be her fate. Fate however has very different plans for Emerald, rejected and at wits end she meets a mare that will forever change her life.

How to Support me:

There are three main ways you could support me while I am writing the novel:

  1. Donate to my Patreon.
  2. Sharing the news to people you think might be interested.


A bonus:

Specially for my patrons of $10 and over I am going to be releasing the currently finished parts of my novel over the course of the coming few days. The parts that I am going to release are: the introduction, the prologue, chapter 1, and chapter 2. Exciting, I hope to get feedback from you all about what you think this is still the 2nd draft of the story.


Other Ways You Can Help!

If you can’t contribute or maybe this novel idea didn’t quite catch your fancy, the most important thing you can do is share it. The hardest thing about starting off as a writer is making my voice heard above the tumult of the internet and standing out. Please Signal boost! blog about it, Facebook posts, Tweets, or just tell a friend who you know is into this sort of read – every little thing helps me out tremendously!


If this was enough to catch your fancy:

If you are curious to peek you can find a public excerpt here.