This is a collection of my works of fanfiction

What Happens In the Stalls – December 10th 2017

Fluttershy is not particularly known for being a brave pony. She is known to be a very prim and proper mare who would never lower herself to doing anything obscene. Let alone with Big Macintosh. The two most sweet and chaste lovers would never do anything as radical as go to a seedy underground kink club to indulge their fantasied, right?

Nature bites back… November 1st 2017

Fanfiction Cover Art: Nature bites back...The day had started out so well, shelter was found and even prey. Life was looking up for her pack in this new home in the wild untamed Everfree Forest. That was until ponies discovered their presence. Time to show them who owned the forest.


Rainbow Under the Full Moon – September 13th 2017

Fanfiction Cover Art: Rainbow Under the Full MoonRainbow Dash has many secrets that she would not like anypony, especially not her friends, to ever find out. In an odd turn of events Princess Luna finds out Dash’s deepest, darkest, and most well-kept secret of them all: She is a hopeless romantic.


Magic in The Starlight – July 1st 2017

Fanfiction Cover Art: Magic in The StarlightLove can be a wonderful but sometimes bewildering journey for those new to it. Not even Twilight Sparkle is exempt from this simple rule of life. She and Shooting Star embark together on a new and exciting adventure. Follow along on this journey of self discovery as they explore these new depths of this thing called love.

To Serve a Demon – June 19th 2017

Fanfiction Cover Art: To Serve a DemonSometimes even the purest amongst us need relief from the daily masks they wear, to relinquish their control, quite literally in some cases. What better way to lose control than at the hands of someone wicked?

Even Princess Celestia needs relief. She keeps a dark and horrible secret from her subjects. A secret that would most definitely ruin their perception of her divine purity. That secret is tall, dark, and ruggedly handsome. It has brought her to her knees and encourages her to indulge in what makes her feel like a mare. Tempting her with pleasures that her subjects would deem to be heretical. Yet she finds pleasure and comfort in her submission.

Fallout Equestria – Land of the Scared I: Egress – May 15th 2017

Fanfiction Cover Art: Fallout Equestria - Land of the Scared I: EgressMelody is a mare living a life of boredom and monotony within her Stable. A prodigy in the field of genetics she found herself forced into a duty that was below her. Being a data analyst certainly wasn’t a bad life by any stretch, but it was a very dull and boring life.

It was the way it always was and the way it always would be. Well, there was the constant ongoing research being performed in the Stable. Whatever that was about, it was all for the good of everypony… right?

From Dusk to Twilight– April 23rd 2017

Fanfiction Cover Art: From Dusk to Twilight

Dusk Shine has a secret he denies even to himself. Sometimes… being surrounded by friends, it’s easy to lose yourself in those you love. And sometimes… being alone is the only way to find yourself.


My Shining Star – April 11th 2017

Fanfiction Cover Art: My Shining StarPonies have asked Princess Celestia one question above all others over the generations. It has taken many forms, many directions, but the true question is always the same. “What does a Goddess fear?” It is not a question any of them expect to truly be answered, and none thus far have understood her answer.

She is Princess Celestia Arc De La Equestria, The Undimmed Monarch of Equestria, and she only fears three things.

She fears each day for the safety and happiness of her little ponies. She fears for the loss of those she loves, consumed by time’s eternal march. Most of all, she fears a small purple unicorn. Brilliant as her own sun, curious, inquisitive, and bearing a charisma to rise all Equestria to her side. A mare that Celestia fears accepting as much if not more than denying. A mare that was standing outside the door to Celestia’s private chambers, with a question upon her lips that could topple an empire.

Violet Masturbates With A Plushie – March 26th 2017

Fanfiction Cover Art: Violet Masturbates With A PlushieSmall Compact actress Violet Glow, fresh from today’s filming of scenes for her new film The Chains That Bind Us, retires to her trailer to relax. With her plushie. Her very special plushie.


Stupid, Sexy Succubi – February 21st 2017

Fanfiction Cover Art: Stupid, Sexy SuccubiThere are things in the world best left alone, books left unread, fantasies left as fantasies. Especially when they involve succubi – Sneaky, tricksy succubi. Sunny Chime had to learn this the very (pleasant) hard way.


Twilight Is Overheated – January 27th 2017

Fanfiction Cover Art: Twilight Is OverheatedThe transformation into an alicorn involved far more than just receiving a set of wings. Adjusting to all the changes to her magic and biology has been a struggle. But Twilight feels she’s finally come to terms with all of them. The arrival of the breeding season challenges that feeling. Twilight handles it with her typical level of calm and dignity.

Fallout: Equestria – The Chains That Bind Us – January 14th 2017

Fanfiction Cover Art: Fallout: Equestria - The Chains That Bind UsAs the Goddess fell at the hooves of Little Pip, her children scattered to the winds by one final order: “Fly, my children! Save yourselves!” The Unity gone, consumed in a blaze of balefire and dark magic, many later joined Velvet Remedy. Many, but not all. Outside Maripony, the youngest Child of the Goddess meets her fate.

Teacher’s Pet – October 31st 2016

Fanfiction Cover Art: Teacher's Pet

Sunset Shimmer has the perfect opportunity to take her revenge and humiliate the solar princess. She might even get some pleasure out of it.


The Makings of a Songbird – October 6th 2016

Fanfiction Cover Art: The Makings of a Songbird

A pegasus gets a chance to live out her greatest fantasy – being made into her special somepony’s happy little songbird.



The Tale of Midnight Moon– August 28th 2016

Fanfiction Cover Art: The Tale of Midnight MoonMidnight Moon was a normal unicorn filly. Born into an age of prosperity and harmony. That is until the longest day of eighth year came around. During the mid-summer festival her life changed forever. Not only because of her cutie mark, but due to the Lunar Rebellion.

This is the story of her change, what made her the pony she is in the present day.

Luna’s Dream Escapade – August 15th 2016

Fanfiction Cover Art: Luna's Dream Escapade

Princess Luna of Equestria, Matriarch of the Night and the Guardian of Dreams has a secret, one that she is not particularly proud of. For The past weeks she has being breaching her own dream walking laws in order to spy on one particular pony; another Princess in fact, the youngest of the Now four Princesses: Twilight Sparkle. Even though she knew it was wrong, and a crime according to her own laws the desire for answers is too strong to ignore, she needs to know how Twilight feels about her. Tonight however might be more than she bargained for, discovering a side of Twilight she would never have expected.

I  Can Do What I Want, I’M RICH – August 7th 2016

Diamond Tiara is bored. She is sick and tired of detention, she wanted to have something new: a mare to play with. The target of her desires? Why the teacher who is making her suffer detention Cheerilee of course. The Mare that constantly seemed to block what she wanted at every turn with her school work. After getting detention for playfully mocking some blank flank she had enough. She with the help of Silver Spoon is going to put that mare in her place. She was rich, she should be saying what goes not some commoner!

Celestial Starsong – January 2016

Princess Celestia the immortal ruler of Equestria drowned herself in her work after her sister’s banishment to the moon, for a thousand years she sacrificed any semblance of a personal life to focus on the well being of her little ponies in order to forget the heartache she was going through.
But with the return of her sister Luna there is not enough to lose herself in, and a thousand years worth of unresolved issues and emotions start to catch up; Celestia finds herself to be increasingly alone, her sister being nocturnal, Twilight moving to Ponyville, Cadance moving to the Crystal Empire with the captain of her guard. She tries catch up on a thousand years of her long lost past times like poetry and painting; it all feels incredibly empty and devoid of any form of joy or sense of accomplishment.
Enter Starsong, a former priestess of the Unicorn Temple, and raw recruit within Luna’s Night Guard. She is offered a position as Celestia’s Seneschal by Princess Luna, with the motives of offering something that Celestia desperately needs in her life, a friend who won’t abuse the princess’ position for their own personal gain.

Their Most Faithful Student – December 2015

Twilight Sparkle, the newly ascended princess of Equestria, faithful student to not only princess Celestia, but now also to princess Luna. They guide her in the intricate workings of being an Alicorn Princess, and leading her subjects. It has been quite a few months since the coronation of the Princess of Friendship, and everyone has slowly been adjusting to the new changes. Most ponies that is, not Princess Twilight Sparkle though, the young princess has much more worries then she had before.